Naam: Marat Nasirov
Functie: Systeem Engineer

What is your history in IT?

I have always had a great passion for IT. In highschool I started to learn about computers and continues to expand my knowledge on the university. I have already gained a few years of experience in managing computer networks with another company before I moved to Syntomax. I am already on the Syntomax team for more than 10 years.

What do you do for syntomax?

I am working from our office in Central Asia as system administrator. My involvement is primarily around Microsoft products but recently I also gained significant knowledge around Linux systems. The time difference allows me to patch, update and resolve issues before our Dutch customers start their work day.

What is the gadget you cannot go without?

I always use my mobile phone when the computer is not available. I use it a lot as my personal task manager (receive notifications about scheduled tasks, etc).

Where can we find you in your free time?

Usually I spend my free time with my family. I have a daughter Diana and a son Arthur. Diana is 8 and Arthur is 1.5 years old.

Describe how you see the future in 10 years?

I think in 10 years our life will become even more computerized. Continuous minimization of computer equipment makes it possible to integrate chips in various devices. Nowadays growing of volumes of multimedia data traffic forces the development of new protocols and physical lines for data transfer. I think in 10 years we will probably have 100Gbit at home and maybe even more. I also really hope that medicines will continue to being developed and mankind will finally find the remedy against a cancer.